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Smitten Kitchen Cookbook bake-through

While she was in Italy last year, younger niece and I emailed back and forth about food a good bit. We share a love for Deb Perelman's blog Smitten Kitchen, and when The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook came out, niece emailed that we needed to try to cook everything in it. She's back (sort of--she's gone for a month right now between camp and some other travel), so I'm getting started. I went with her and sister-in-law to drop her off at camp, and had her go through the list of recipes and mark those that I could make while she was away, those that she had to try, and the ones in the middle.

This post will be my master list, and I'll keep editing it to link to posts on the various recipes. Most of these will probably be just notes: any changes I made, how the cooking went, and how well I liked the results. For the recipes, turn to the cookbook (highly recommended, even before I have cooked much from it) or to the Smitten Kitchen blog for some of them. I may skip a few, for containing so many items I won't eat that any adaptation would be a completely different dish. To wit, "Pork chops with cider, horseradish, and dill"--I dislike horseradish and despise dillweed, so that one won't get made. Unless younger niece does it.

Smitten Kitchen Cookbook recipe list
(Bolded recipes have been made but not blogged...yet)

Peach and sour cream pancakes
Cinnamon toast French toast
Gingerbread spice Dutch baby
Plum poppy seed muffins
Whole-wheat raspberry ricotta scones
Chocolate chip brioche pretzels
Almond date breakfast bars
Apricot breakfast crisp
Big cluster maple granola
Maple bacon biscuits

Big breakfast latkes
Greens, eggs, and hollandaise
Baked ranchero eggs with blistered jack cheese and lime crema
Potato fritatta with feta and scallions
New York breakfast casserole
Fig, olive oil, and sea salt challah
Cheddar swirl breakfast buns

Vinegar slaw with cucumbers and dill
Zucchini ribbons with almond pesto
Fingerlings vinaigrette with sieved eggs and pickled celery
Iceberg stack with blue cheese and radishes
Tomato scallion shortcakes with whipped goat cheese
Kale salad with cherries and pecans
Sugar snap salad with miso dressing
Broccoli slaw
Cranberry bean salad with walnuts and feta
Roasted baby roots with sherry-shallot vinaigrette
Honey and harissa farro salad

Sandwiches, Tarts, and Pizzas
Avocado tartine with cucumber and sesame seeds
Chicken and egg salad toasts with lemon aioli and fennel
Emmentaler on rye with sweet and sour red onions
Ratatouille sub
Broccoli rabe panini with mozzarella
Wild mushroom tart
Butternut squash and caramelized onion galette
Pizza dough
  • Rushed pizza dough
  • Leisurely pizza dough
Everyday Margarita pizza
Shaved asparagus pizza
Eggplant and three cheese calzone

The Main Dish: Vegetarian
Gnocchi in tomato broth
Sweet peas and shells Alfredo
Linguine with cauliflower pesto
Heart-stuffed shells in lemon ricotta Bèchamel
Leek fritters with garlic and lemon
Jacob's blintzes, or sweet potato blintzes with farmer's cheese
Corn risotto-stuffed poblanos
Slow-cooker black bean ragout
Roasted tomatoes and cipollini onions with white beans
Spaghetti squash and black bean tacos with queso fresco
Roasted eggplant with yogurt-tahini sauce and cumin-crisped chickpeas
Wild rice gratin with kale, caramelized onions, and baby Swiss
Mushroom Bourguignon

The Main Dish: Seafood, Poultry, and Meat
Vermouth mussels with tarragon oven fries
Seared halibut and gazpacho salsa with tomato vinaigrette
Pancetta, white bean, and Swiss chard pot pies
Sesame-spiced turkey meatballs
Smashed chickpea salad with lemon and sumac
Mustard Milanese with an arugula fennel salad
Flat roasted chicken with tiny potatoes
Harvest roast chicken with grapes, olives, and rosemary
Pork chops with cider, horseradish, and dill
Balsamic and beer-braised short ribs
Parsnip purèe
Maya's sweet and sour holiday brisket
Roasted fingerling and carrot coins
Tomato-glazed meatloaves
Brown butter mashed potatoes
Pistachio masala lamb chops with cucumber mint raita

Sweets: Cookies
Buttered popcorn cookies
Rhubarb hamantaschen
Salted brown butter crispy treats
Chocolate peanut butter cookies
Cranberry crumb bars with mulling spices
Gooey cinnamon squares
Brownie roll-out cookies
Alex's chocolate raspberry rugelach

Sweets: Pies and Tarts
Whole lemon bars
Butterscotch banana tarte Tatin
Chocolate silk pie
Marbled pumpkin gingersnap tart
All butter, really flaky pie dough
Almond and sweet cherry galette
Deepest dish apple pie
Peach dumplings with bourbon hard sauce

Sweets: Cakes
Mom's apple cake
Grapefruit olive oil pound cake
Blueberry cornmeal butter cake
Olive oil ricotta cake with Concord grape coulis
Tiny but intense chocolate cake
Golden sheet cake with berry buttercream
Berry buttercream
Chocolate hazelnut crepe cake
S'more layer cake
Red wine velvet cake with whipped mascarpone

Sweets: Puddings and Candy
Strawberry cheesecake fools
White chocolate pudding with blackberry curd
Tres leches rice pudding
Apple cider caramels
Coffee toffee

Party Snacks and Drinks
Spicy brittled peanuts
Pumpernickel grissini with horseradish crème fraîche dip
Smoky deviled eggs with crisped jamòn and crushed Marconas
Blue cheese and black pepper gougères
Rosemary Gruyère and sea salt crisps
Baked potato crisps with the works
French onion toasts
Broiled clams with chorizo breadcrumbs
Spritzy ginger lemonade
Muddle puddle battle

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