Sunday, June 23, 2013

SKC: Broccoli slaw

DSCN9687No, no, it's not the image you get from the bags labelled "broccoli slaw" at the store, which consist mostly of julienned broccoli stems with a little carrot for color. No, this is made mostly with broccoli florets, but sliced very thin and tossed with dried cranberries and toasted sliced almonds, and dressed with a mayo/buttermilk dressing in which I soaked the red onion as suggested to reduce the onion bite. The result is undoubtedly a "slaw", but much better than cabbage-based coleslaw. This is the last post from last weekend's efforts.

I had leftover lemon aioli from the chicken-and-egg salad, and thought "why not?" A little garlic and lemon flavor in the mayo certainly won't hurt a broccoli dish. The slicing of the broccoli was tedious and messy (lots of little broccoli buds scattered all over the counter) as I tried to get the slices pretty thin to avoid chunks of raw broccoli that I dislike in raw veggie salads of other types. Julienning the stalks was best done with a knife, or maybe my mandoline skills still need work.

The results were worth it--there's enough dressing to coat the broccoli bits, but it's thin enough to not swamp the salad. I might up the cranberry and almond amounts on another try if I'm feeling indulgent--there were enough, but not lots.

I didn't take a picture of the slaw alone, so this is my plate of grilled Thai-style pork, broccoli slaw, and cheddar swirl buns. Very nice dinner!

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