Friday, April 12, 2013

April meat CSA haul

April 2013 meat CSA haul
The monthly box from Pine Street Market's meat CSA:

pound of applewood-smoked bacon, plus 2 packs of bacon ends
pound of Gum Creek Farms ground beef
Mettwurst (smoked suasage with coriander, garlic, white pepper) and andouille sausages
pound of country sausage
pound of a lamb/pork meatball mix
2 packs of porcetta
1.5 pound pack of....I'm not exactly sure. It's bacon or pork belly chunks, seasoned. Might be their smoked pepper bacon which is seasoned with chiles, which I've never tried. Must call and ask.

I'm going to propose porcetta for dinner, roasted on a bed of veggies. Maybe sweet potato, carrots, parsnips, etc., even though that's a very wintery selection for a nice spring day. We can have asparagus or something on the side...

The bacon ends are piling up--I need to think on good ways to use these, not being a big bean soup or fatback-in-greens person. Maybe try to remember to pull these out for the brussels sprouts and bacon dish, or replace the oil for sautéing onions for stew or soup with diced bacon. Maybe I should dice some of it up in advance to make these options easier.