Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cakes, round 2

I turned cake pusher this evening, taking the remaining Coffee Chiffonlets, Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream, and Financiers au Chocolat over next door. This also let me wish my brother Happy Birthday in person, and as a bonus I hit the present-opening, too.

Reactions to the cakes: nephew went for a second round of the Coffee Chiffonlet with whipped cream, which I'd diluted from the recipe strength to something with about the concentration of dulce de leche, much more to my tastes. Older niece went for the chocolate, but spread it with the dulce de leche whipped cream. And came back for seconds. Younger niece, just in from gym, had a financier before dinner, and another after. My brother went for a half a chiffonlet, whipped cream, and a financier. Sister-in-law is being good about sticking to her diet.

The only review comments I got other than "this is good" was from my brother, whose reaction is rather like mine. The coffee chiffonlet has a great flavor, but we were raised on butter cakes. The chiffon texture just isn't what we prefer. The financiers don't have that problem. <g> Oh, and younger niece remarked that she preferred the diluted dulce de leche whipped cream as well. It's a nice flavor, but just too sweet for us in the original incarnation.


  1. Thanks for posting your family's responses. It's fun to see how everybody's taste is different. Taste is just so subjective :o)

  2. All I can say is your family is very lucky to have you next door baking!