Sunday, June 23, 2013

PSM and SK: Thai-style pork tenderloin

DSCN9683In this month's Pine Street Market box was a pork tenderloin--just one, making a good size for my one-person household for a dinner and leftovers. Pork tenderloin needs help, though--it's not particularly flavorful. I turned to Smitten Kitchen for a recipe I found a while back for Thai-style chicken legs, made, and sort-of lost to my sister-in-law--she makes it so often, there's no point in my proposing it for a joint meal. It's easy and good, and excellent on the grill--equal parts fish sauce, vegetable oil, and hoisin sauce, lots of garlic, some ground coriander, and salt and pepper. SK called for cilantro (yuck!), which I just omit.

Grilled Thai-style pork tenderloin was excellent--the sugar in the hoison will char a little, but the flavors go really well with the pork. I had some of the jar of organic peach chow-chow (also from the PSM box) on the side for an extra sweet-spicy kick.

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