Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pine Street Market CSA, June 2013


DSCN9667Here's the haul for the PSM CSA this month, accompanied (yay!) by the best listing yet of what is included:
Gum Creek Farms ground beef
PSM Applewood smoked bacon
Slow roasted pork belly (heat and eat)
Smoked beef brisket (heat and eat)
Peach chow-chow
Lamb bacon burger
Spicy Italian sausage (bulk)
Mild Italian sausage
Head cheese
Pork tenderloin

The mild Italian sausage became Friday's dinner, along with a couple of PSM Mettwurst sausages I had left over from earlier in the week. Sister-in-law grilled the Italian, then put the Mettwurst on the grill for a few minutes to reheat. I was a little disappointed in the Italian--it was rather crumbly-textured when I would have liked it a little firmer/more cohesive. Tasted good, though!

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