Sunday, June 5, 2011

BBA #17: Lavash crackers

Lavash crackersI'm behind on my BBA challenge baking, and further behind on blogging about it. Blame it on lots of busy weekends and a real crunch to finish the challenge of the Rose's Heavenly Cakes Bake-through, and my summary post of all the cakes. If I can get caught up on the blogging part for BBA Challenge 2011 I'll only be a week behind on the baking. Or maybe 2. The next few posts may be brief, especially if I don't remember much about the baking process.

Lavash CrackersThe lavash crackers presented no problems in the mixing or kneading, just in my attempts to roll the crackers very thin. I wanted that look of the ones in the book--almost shatteringly crisp. What tripped me up was going by the size of the finished dough (though the recipe did say you might need to trim the dough to fit your sheet pan), not the "paper thin" description, which I took as hyperbole. Well, it might have been somewhat hyperbolic, but nonetheless I should have rolled my dough thinner. The crackers I got were almost Ritz cracker thick and not being as rich as Ritz crackers, they felt rather, shall we say, solid. They worked fine as a base for spreadable cheese, but weren't really what I was after. File this one in the "try again someday with a better idea of what I'm doing" pile.


  1. I had made the recipe twice,as I was not happy with the first try.I cut the dough in half and rolled each as thin as possible, the result was a crisp texture,thinner is best.We just keep learning ,don't we!

  2. Now I know know tired I really am! I just read three of your posts done the same day!! and didn't realize it..LOL