Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Passion Fruit Cream Sherbert

Passion fruit cream sherbertAs mentioned in my Chocolate Ginger Cake Roll post, younger niece came over to talk ice cream last Friday. She'd had a school project where each student made ice cream by mixing the ingredients and shaking them in a container with ice cubes, and this had set off an urge to make ice cream at home. So: a call to Aunt Nancy, and a discussion of recipes and flavor possibilities.

We tossed around several ideas, then niece asked if I still had passion fruit puree in the freezer. (She knew I'd bought 2 packages when shopping for the White Gold Passion Genoise.) Yes, indeed, it was still there. I mentioned ButterYum's Lemon Curd ice cream (curd and cream mixed and frozen), and tossed out the possibility of passion fruit curd ice cream. That sounds very promising, but niece wanted quicker gratification than she'd get if we had to make curd. So, we pulled out a recipe of my mother's for Orange Cream Sherbert (a favorite from my childhood on), defrosted the passion fruit puree, and just substituted it for the orange juice in the recipe.

Oh, that was inspired. It's a really lovely blend of flavors--tangier than the orange version, intense but not too, and easy. I'll try the passion fruit curd ice cream sometime, too, but this one is a lot easier if you don't have curd already made.

Passion fruitPassion fruitI'd bought a single passion fruit at the farmer's market ($2.69 for one golf-ball size fruit!), and we spooned some pulp over each dish of ice cream after we'd tasted the ice cream solo. Very nice...the seeds in the pulp give a nice crunch.

Passion Fruit Cream Sherbert

(Makes about 3 cups--fits the capacity of The Folks Next Door's ice cream canister--thus the odd amounts. My ice cream canister holds a pint, and the amounts are a little more even for that.)

1/2 cup + 2 T. sugar
3/4 cup passion fruit puree (not concentrate)
1 cup milk (whole is nice, but it will work with skim)
1/2 cup whipping cream
a pinch of salt

Mix passion fruit puree and sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add milk and cream gradually, then add salt. Freeze and serve.


  1. This does sound delicious! Absolutely love passion fruit. Have you posted the Orange Cream Sherbert recipe?

  2. @Vicki: No, but it's the same proportions. Just use orange juice instead of the passion fruit puree. I do have this recipe sized for both 1.5 quarts (the original) and for a pint (my freezer size), if you'd like either of those.