Sunday, January 10, 2016

BB: My (Rose's, that is) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rose's Chocolate Chip CookiesI'm not much of a chocolate-chip cookie baker, though I've no objections at all to eating one, crispy-chewy with melty chocolate. There are a few bakery-type places where I know I'll get the style cookie I like, but I've never tried to find the recipe and technique that produces it. My attempt at this week's bake-along recipe for Beranbaum's The Baking Bible, alas, isn't it. It might be my execution, or the recipe style, but the results were a fairly tall cookie that was certainly crisp-chewy, but without that buttery mouthfeel I really like. My niece liked the flavor and that these were more crisp than many, so there's one more positive opinion on them. Maybe it's just me!

The main feature of the recipe is using browned butter to add flavor, your choice of whether to include the browned milk-solid bits (I did). As per my usual, I substituted pecans for the specified walnuts and thus could skip the step of trying to remove the skins. For my chocolate, I used the readily available Ghirardelli 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate chips, which are larger than the classic variety.

Once the butter is browned and cooled, this becomes a really quick-and-easy recipe: mix wet ingredients, add dry ingredients, stir in nuts and chocolate. The dough then got an overnight rest, wrapped up in plastic wrap. At baking time, I portioned out blobs of about 28-29 grams each, a bit smaller than called for, and got 24 cookies instead of the 20 Rose aims for. The blobs are rolled into a ball then flattened a bit into a 2" circle, then baked. The large chips I used made this flattening step a bit difficult, but mine did end up about 2" in diameter when headed into the oven.

As I said up top, these didn't turn out to be the chocolate-chip cookies I was looking for, but if it's the style you prefer, this is a recipe with one extra step (the browned butter) that added flavor to a very quick recipe.

Rose's Chocolate Chip Cookies Rose's Chocolate Chip Cookies Rose's Chocolate Chip Cookies Rose's Chocolate Chip Cookies


  1. Your pics are great! Now I can see that I got the butter to the right color; wasn't too sure. I like the way your cookies look. Dough is in the frig so I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

  2. Looks yummy! I should try to make a batch soon. However, I like my cookies crispy though..not cakey or chewy..

  3. Hi Nancy, I'm not sure what kind of chocolate chip cookie is my favourite. I suppose it would be cakey and chewy. I haven't made these yet (today is the day), but I'm expecting them to be a little "smokey" if that's a good word, since the recipe calls for browned butter and muscovado sugar. Hmm. will see. Nice post.

  4. your cookies came out real nice, as you i didn't like chocolate cookies till i found out the secret for refrigerating the dough.