Monday, June 1, 2015

BB: Double Chocolate Oriolos

Double Chocolate OriolosI whipped out this quick-and-easy recipe before leaving for vacation, but didn't quite manage to finish the blog post. So, a couple of weeks late...the Double Chocolate Oriolos. This is a chocolate wafer cookie, but one much better tasting than the classic Famous wafers (best made into Zebra Pie). The recipe calls for walnuts, toasted and ground, to replace part of the flour. I substituted pecans as usual. The bulk of the mixing is done in a food processor, though Rose calls for first moving the processed-to-crumbly mixture first to a plastic bag to be pressed into a dough, then onto plastic wrap. I confess to skipping the plastic bag and processing just a bit longer to get an almost-dough, then dumping that onto wide plastic wrap to briefly knead it. At this stage I had my only difficulty with the recipe--I had butter blobs and streaks in the dough, which didn't seem like a good thing for a thin cookie. I did a good bit more folding and mashing of the dough (using the plastic wrap) to get most of them to disappear. I had wondered about the suggested butter chunk size of one inch going into the food processor, and actually cut mine smaller than that. Maybe I should have cut them smaller still. After an overnight rest driven by my schedule, not the recipe, I shaped these into 12-13 g dough balls, put them on a baking sheet, flattened them with a glass dipped in sugar, and baked them. I don't know why these are called "double chocolate" as the only form of chocolate is cocoa powder, but they are certainly chocolatey enough and crisp and light. I took half of the batch next door when I went over for our standard Friday night family meal, and got positive comments from both nieces and my sister-in-law. I don't think the nephew, in a post-AP test fog, tried them at that point. I left the remainder for them to finish off. The other half of the batch has gone into the freezer, to become the base for the Bourbon Pecan Butter Balls later in the cookie section. Looks like my substitution of pecans for walnuts will work well there, as that recipe adds more pecans in Roses' take on bourbon balls.
Double Chocolate Oriolos Double Chocolate Oriolos Double Chocolate Oriolos Double Chocolate Oriolos Double Chocolate Oriolos


  1. Your cookies look awesome. Reading this reminds me of how yummy they were. I like how you place your cookies in a square plate. so pretty.

  2. Your cookies turned out really nice! Smart idea freezing some for the bourbon balls. Those are really good.