Monday, April 13, 2015

BB: Dattelkonfekt

DattelkonfektThe weekly Alpha Baker's assignment, selected with a thought to Passover, is Dattelkonfekt. Rose gives the translation of Dattelkonfekt as "Date Confections", but I mostly called them "date-nut meringues". This is a pretty easy recipe as long as you have a food processor and a mixer...and a dishwasher. Oh, and if you don't care about having the back oblaten (edible wafers that can be used as the base of the cookies) and can skip the local search or the ordering from online sources.
Dattelkonfekt First step was grinding the sliced almonds finely.
DattelkonfektDattelkonfekt Then chopping the dates.
Dattelkonfekt Then mixing the two evenly. All that was accomplished with the food processor.
DattelkonfektTurning to the stand mixer, some of the egg whites that have been accumulating in my freezer from earlier yolk-heavy recipes got beaten with lots of sugar to make a meringue. Mine actually did hold peaks, though the recipe said not to expect it. Then the two components got folded together and piped in little mounds onto parchment paper in lieu of back oblaten. Confession: I checked Amazon to see what they were and the cost, and decided I didn't care about adding that bit of authenticity, as it seemed pretty sure to not add any flavor or desirable texture. Parchment paper worked just fine, though without the wafers as a guide, I think my dattelkonfekt were a bit smaller than the intended size.
DattelkonfektThe cookies bake until barely brown, cool on the baking sheet for a little more drying, then can be peeled off the parchment paper. If using the wafers, those would be eaten with the cookies for a little more roughage. :)
Dattelkonfekt This is not my sort of cookie, though with the almonds it's a great improvement over a pure meringue that's (to me) nothing but sugar. The dates add more chew but not much flavor, but overall it's not a bad cookie. I sent about half of them next door, where sister-in-law carried most of them to Arizona when she visited over Passover. I took the rest to my office (labelled as "OK for Passover", which then led to the goy (me) trying to explain what makes some thing Kosher, then Kosher for Passover). For those who liked cookies in the meringue class, this one went over well--several people took one then came back to ask for more, always a good sign.


  1. I think it was the texture that had me at the first bite. You know that crunchy, nutty, chewy thing. Taste wise, the cookie is very mild, but overall texture for me is what I like. Yours look darn near perfect!

  2. Looks great, Nancy!! I am looking forward to baking them soon! I love almonds and dates. I haven't made meringue cookies in ages. Your photos are terrific! Best to you--M.

  3. Oh look how nicely shaped yours are! Let me just say trying to drop them on those wafers was more than tricky. Nancy, thank you so much for your kindness. Your message for the health of the baby touched my heart so deeply.

  4. Your cookies look great! I also found them so-so only. I like meringue but not this with dates. Maybe I just don't like dates..

  5. Your cookies do look great. I wish mine had turned out like that. I'm surprised so many Alpha Bakers don't like meringues much.

  6. very nice looking cookies.and lucky neighbors...

  7. your cookies do look picture perfect!