Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Chocolate Oblivions

Amazingly, despite all the years I've owned a copy of The Cake Bible, I never made Chocolate Oblivion. Another plus for the bake-along--it says "bake it now!". So, as I knew I was leaving on vacation Friday, I baked a half-recipe of the Baby Chocolate Oblivions on Tuesday, let them sit overnight, then went in search of taste-testers on Wednesday.

As I'm finishing my writing of this, and the posting, from Walt Disney World, it's gonna be brief. Luckily the recipe is simple. Melt butter and chocolate with a little bit of sugar, and stir til smooth. Beat eggs until tripled in volume. Fold the eggs into the chocolate, put in muffin cups (or custard cups), and bake in a water bath.

I had some problems getting a pan to sit upside down over the muffin pan for the period it was to bake covered, but the results were still fine. I also wasn't thorough enough about wiping the bottom of the pan with a warm cloth and had one cake stick a little, but the (eating) results were fine on that one, too.



Tasting results: While my tasting panel are mostly chocoholics, I think we're a little burned out on flourless chocolate cakes. Younger niece suggested trying to bake this in something the size of my mini-cheesecake pan, which I guess would be a third the size of the cakes from the muffin pan. Lots of comments on the density, which I'd interpret as "this is a little too much"--even though we served it with whipped cream and raspberries.

Nutritional info, calculated by my aged copy of MasterCook Mac: for 7 cakes in the half-recipe, each is 321 calories, 27.8 gr. fat, 2.3 gr. fiber, and 20.5 gr. carbs.


  1. did you eat them at room temperature or from the fridge? i found eating them at room temperature they seemed less dense... we ate some after they sat out of the fridge for a while on a warm night... they were very, very soft and just dissolved in the mouth! Thanks for the nutritional info! great idea... good to see where the calories are coming from :)

  2. I don't even want to know how many calories these things are supplying me with.... forget about it!

    Great post!


  3. Oh no! Armed with this information it's possible to calculate Weight Watcher points and they will no longer be "free"! Lucky you to be on vacation at Disney World. Give Mickey a hug.

  4. LOL! Great post! much calories! Nevermind..we all can go on diet after when we finish baking all the cakes in Rose's book. :) I find eating with ice-cream a lot better than whipped cream!

  5. I try not to think about the WW point count when eating Rose's cakes, least I have the information when I find the weight sliding the wrong way. Meanwhile, I'm NOT counting all my points at Disney. I'm sure you're all shocked. <g>

    @Rebecca--the eating temperature was probably part of the problem, because they were certainly chilled if not straight out of the fridge. I'll file that thought away for next time.