Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let's have a post!

I'm going to be using this blog primarily for the Heavenly Cake Bake-Through, but will also post on cake or bread or other baking, and maybe general cooking, too. I was putting that sort of thing on my sporadically updated LiveJournal blog, but I figure people coming to my blog from HeavenlyCakePlace won't be interested in my rants on life, book maunderings, and other slice-o-my-life stuff. So, I'll put the food stuff here, and cross-post or link on LJ to here.

IMG_2455And to get update on my standard challah recipe. After experimentation last year for Rosh Hashana, we all decided that dried cherries needed to be a standard addition, so I knead in about a third of a cup just before the first rise. I also try to get the dough a little wetter to help hydrate the cherries.

IMG_2469For Rosh Hashana this year, I made two--tried to do a round braid on one, but didn't execute it very well and it wasn't very pretty. The coil was fine, but didn't get eaten--it ended up in a baked French toast with berries and a crumb topping this weekend.

IMG_2468_1Just so every challah gets its time to shine, here's the coiled one.

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